mini-biography of the author

Robyn Bell grew up in Roseville, a town with
a graceful name (among many not-so) on the
outskirts of Sacramento. Her father owned a
pharmacy ("Carmichael Drugs"); her mother was
Queen of the Rodeo, Robyn herself was crowned
Miss Personality her last year of High School
(there's no doubt she earned the title, but it's
strange that such an interesting person would win
such a generic-sounding 'prize').

She also grew up in The College of Creative
Studies at UC Santa Barbara, and continued to
more or less mature doing notably creative
Graduate Studies in the writing program at Umass
Boston ). In New York City she went off on a
branch of the Ladder of Maturity,enduring a real
job as Secretary/Slave in a real corporation, but
shortly came back down several rungs into
happier adolescent/academic settings. However,
Robyn has continued to climb.

Currently she's a writing teacher and
Professor at UCSB, with all the rights and
privileges thereof, including optional 'rights'
of procreation (and/or of Bearing Arms In Defense
Against The Younger Generation). Only very
recently has she exercised the Right To Purchase
Infinity (The Ultimate Renter's Rebellion: Buying
your Own House) and Robyn continues to demand the
Right to Introspective Exhibitionism, being
compelled to write and sometimes to read, in
public alleyways, a great many poems.

The poems we have selected here are the
microscopic representation of the mass;the full
number is appalling--but only because this huge
number of great poems is for the most part
comprised of Unpublished ones.